‘Meet me in the desert’ — Bubbatrees — Single review

The music scene in Glasgow is a bubbling cauldron of excitement right now. In fact, that was the case even during the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns — artists didn’t slow, they instead got creative and built up banks and bodies of work ready to release. 

So, of course Bubbatrees are back, flying the flag for ambitious Scottish bands with plenty to show off. ‘Meet me in the desert’ is far from the four-piece’s first rodeo, but they invite you, right at the start of 2022, to turn that January-induced frown upside down and revel in their synth-led pop hooks and powerfully delivered lyrics.

Title-wise, it promises to be an anthem for cowboys, but there’s not a sniff of country music to it. Thankfully. It’s wall-to-wall infectious melodies, all faultlessly well-crafted, as you’d expect from the lads. 

This new single chases November’s ‘Sweeter than water’ up pretty quickly, which went down a storm with BBC Introducing Scotland listeners and various review sites.

Don’t need swaying and just want to get listening? Head to Spotify now to stream ‘Meet me in the desert’ and follow Bubbatrees on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, too.

Image credit: @rosie.sco

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