Artist spotlight: Foals

It was 2007 when Foals first unveiled their genius. People were awakening from their emo slumber and embracing a new age of music and dress. Gradually, everything was so indie it hurt, and you got a nod of respect if you were among those digging Foals. And I was — and still am.

Back then, 2008’s ‘Antidotes’ quickly made its mark on the music scene, and rightly so. But, as time went on, Foals’ unique cocktail of maths rock and experimental indie tumbled into a more refined, honed sound. Almost by way of collateral, ‘Cassius’ really did become second best as a result.

I was beyond giddy for the outfit’s sophomore album, ‘Total Life Forever’, in 2010 — another stellar year for indie rippers. While ‘Spanish Sahara’ and ‘Black Gold’ were generally the critics’ choices from that offering, I was all about the bombastic ‘Miami’ — a track I firmly maintain dominates their back catalogue. Of course, the tearjerking melody underpinning ‘This Orient’ gave that song its delicate beauty.

While they’ve had patches of quieter spells, Foals have never truly slowed. They’ve thrown us stacks of catchy hooks, plus some much meatier riffs as well.

So, this piece shouldn’t be a get-to-know-this-band pitch for most. But if you’ve been napping under a rock, I’ll stop chatting; I can’t recommend that you listen to the gods of indie enough.

Image via Spotify (my CD’s buried in the collection)

Top tracks

Here’s an amuse-bouche to get you acquainted:

► ‘Miami’

► ‘Black Bull’

► ‘This Orient’

► ‘Mountain at My Gates’

► ‘My Number’


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