Spotify Wrapped 2021

Back for another year is the gloriously popular Spotify ‘Wrapped’, which sees music streamers jostling for my-list-is-better-than-yours kudos on social media. And, do you know what? I’m also guilty of it. Perhaps worse, too, as I’m here publishing some of my takeaway insights as an article. You’re welcome.

  • Strange Bones were my top artist and their killer single ‘England Screams’ was my winning track. OBVIOUSLY x 2.
  • I listened to 760 artists in 2021.
  • They spanned 90 different genres.
  • I’m a fan of modern alternative rock. But you could’ve guessed that by now, right?
  • My two moods are, wait for it… FIERCE and SPOOKY. Nailed it.

What a year it’s been for music, not just for breakthrough artists but for comebacks and revivals. Wow.

Screenshot from Spotify Wrapped 2021

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