‘Sweeter than water’ — Bubbatrees — Single review

Imagine crafting a track that gets lodged in someone’s head for days. Many bands can achieve that but Glasgow’s Bubbatrees are simply the latest. The synth-pumped pop track ‘Sweeter than water’ is the catchy culprit serving as a much anticipated, pre-album appetiser.

Image credit: rosie.sco

The transcendent, echoing vocals delivered from just milliseconds in set the tone for an anthemic piece that the outfit have been sitting on for a little while now. It’s a triumphant follow-up to February’s double single release of ‘Club Kids’ and ‘Millennial’. And while it might have a seriously summery vibe, it also brings with it a level of instrumentally-charged euphoria that allows for it to be played any time of year, and enjoyed equally. 

From the off, there’s almost a fluid effect to the vocals, which fuse everything together optimally. This track is an expert example of how every component is harmonised — no one instrument is pushed above the parapet or at the expense of others. There’s a synergy, a unison. And that’s how they’ve concocted this elevated, enhanced modern pop veneer. It’s definitely another step towards that newer genre, with nods to the emphatic synth music of decades gone by. You’ve just got to look forward to an album that’ll bring this kind of electric energy throughout.

Don’t waste another second — get streaming this now on Spotify. You can follow all things Bubbatrees on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, too.

Image courtesy of Bubbatrees/6 Million Suns

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