The benefits of a professionally written EPK bio

If you’re a band or artist that needs a helping hand with writing their electronic press kit bio, you can get in touch with Record Weekly and breathe a sigh of relief. When it comes to penning blurbs for EPKs and consulting on them in an editor’s capacity, I’m more than happy to roll up my sleeves and help out. This service is something I launched earlier in the year on the site and it’s still very much an avenue I’m pursuing under the Thistle PR & Promotion umbrella, too.

But why come to Record Weekly? Here are some key reasons — especially if you’re without management backing…

Professionalism and quality assured

The bottom line is, I’m a professional writer. I don’t just enjoy it; I have a Language and Linguistics degree behind me, plus a current career in marketing and prior experience in music retail. That combo puts me in the driving seat for crafting EPK content for you. Just give me the core details and I’ll weave it into a fully-fledged bio with a neat bow on top.

The output is digestible

Reams and reams of text doesn’t equate to quality. You want to strike that balance between essential detail and the quantity of which you give. Finding that sweet spot is something else that I can do as a copywriter, which will, in turn, ensure that the output is totally digestible, readable and palatable without too much musical jargon.

No excessive use of or reliance on quotes or links

More often than not, you read an EPK and it’s stuffed with quotes and links. This is tantamount to overuse and it isn’t very succinct or helpful. It also smacks of there not being much to say about the band or artist. With a professionally written bio, quotes will be used sparingly, to simply enhance the content. Links will generally just be to social accounts.

Repetition and waffling avoided

You might find this one ironic, as I’m hammering home my stance here in a few ways… But you have almost an allergic reaction when you read the same adjectives or sentences structures, as a trained writer. That will be eliminated when a professional writer puts your bio together — and the same goes for waffling. Simplicity in a stylish fashion is ideal.

Like what you read and keen to get in touch? Head here for further details and drop me a DM.


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