Kid Kapichi, The Key Club

Kid Kapichi, The Key Club, 11/11/21

Worthy bands are worthy bands, whether they’re supporting an act or they’re the headliner. But if there’s one thing that’s for sure, wherever Leeds-based Fudge. slot into a line-up, they put on a show like no other. It’s energetic, heavy, raucous carnage and, if you’re yet to see them in action, I’d rectify that pretty soon.

Fudge. were the first opener for Kid Kapichi, AKA the Hastings rockers with an epic debut album now boxed off. The emerging four-piece are quite simply the most commanding live band in Leeds — that’s a threat and a warning…

Fudge., The Key Club, 11/11/21

Their on-stage presence and crowd interaction is enviable, whether you know the lads or not. And that goes for them whipping up a mosh pit — sure, they’ve consistently got a strong following of pals who flock to their gigs, but most punters throw themselves in regardless. 

They played all their singles, with ‘Walrus’, ‘Money to Be Made’ and ‘Y.F.F.G.’ being particular hits — the latter’s also one of a few of theirs that begin with a thought-provoking skit. They even gave us a taster of a new, unreleased single. But if there was a pièce de résistance, it was absolutely the weird and unexpected, bassy cover of ‘I Like To Move It’. A wholesome, hip-shaking Madagascar spoof before frontman, Cam Hope, tied up their set with, “We’ve been Fudge., you’ve been fucking beautiful”.

Projector, The Key Club, 11/11/21

Naturally, it’s tricky to follow a local band in their hometown who know how to raise hell. But, fortunately for Projector, who have been touring with Kid Kapichi, they know how to shred. Ferocious riffs and ground-rumbling drumming underpinned every single song they smashed on stage, including the newer ‘Zero’ and its fellow tracks off the same EP, plus the total belter, ‘Feels Like Something’. 

They were a suitably heavy start to KK seizing the helm, so you could hear how they’d more than earned their place. For those reading who weren’t at the Key Club gig, other sheer tunes such as ‘Same Dream’ need your ears’ attention ASAP, too. 

Kid Kapichi, The Key Club, 11/11/21

Confirming that each band’s singer might’ve received a ‘wear an Adidas jacket’ memo, Kid Kapichi, led by Jack Wilson, burst onto the stage looking fresh and ready to go. They weren’t wasting a moment — they had an album to play us, after all!

They delivered us all the key hits, from my favourites, ‘Thugs’ and ‘Glitterati’, to ‘Death Dips’ and the newer ripper, ‘Lucky Ones’. Their knack for crafting utter anthems is astonishing, and their humble style now has a good dollop of swagger. Rightly so.

But while these tunes especially were really up there for me, there wasn’t a dull second in that crowd — the energy hiked with the tempo and KK’s show was even more stellar than their pre-COVID setup (held at Oporto, if you were here in Leeds). They had banter, a song about flogging merch and even a keyboard for the slower, more sombre ‘Hope’s a Never Ending Funeral’.

And what not everyone would be aware of is, so many of their Klub turned up, whether they were from the West Yorkshire area or not. What a fanbase they have and, you know what? Of course they should — they’re a supremely talented alt rock outfit that’s only getting better with time. Fine tonic wine-style, eh? 


Guest list access with thanks to Angie Owen

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