‘Speak Soon’ — Lucky Iris — Single review

Whether you want to properly have a groove or take the load off with some tunes on in the background, Lucky Iris deliver on both fronts. The duo of Maeve and Jasper has je ne sais quoi that brings a modest charm to their tracks, and their latest offering, ‘Speak Soon’, personally raises the bar from their previous single, ‘Coffee Shop’.

While I caught them at the Vortex stage at Long Division Festival, the pair have been playing lots of small sets recently, with more support slots in their imminent future, too. They’re certainly enjoying the successes they deserve — which include plays on stations such as BBC 6 Music and Amazing Radio.

The lyrics of this freshly-dropped song navigate themes of bettering yourself and not giving time to just anyone. It’s an upbeat bop with electronics in all the right places, and it sounds just as fabulous live. 

Keen to give it a spin? Run along to Spotify now and then give Lucky Iris a follow on Facebook and Instagram

Image credit: Lucky Iris

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