‘Surprise’ — Andreww — Single review

‘Surprise’ is just that — an explorative, genre-twisting new single from the multifaceted, outrageously skilled Andreww. Not only is he an exciting artist piercing into the music scene, he’s a creative type with a colourful background as an international runway model for Versace, Dior and Louis Vuitton. Intrigued yet?

This fresh, 70s-meets-80s, grungy alt pop track has almost been shovelled full of Stranger Things vibes as a bonus. The versatile trap beat that underpins it comes paired with slightly scuzzy guitar riffs, which has forged a sound that sits nicely in this modern era of mixed styles. Lyrically, it almost grants us permission to experiment with our own capabilities, to see what we’re made of — totally fitting when you consider Andreww’s own breakthrough in this new territory as well. It’s also just as dynamic as the daftly addictive ‘Talking to Myself’.

If his CV alone isn’t enough to fascinate you, let this spellbinding new song do the rest of the talking.

You can also stream Andreww’s previous offerings on Spotify while you’re at it. Already sold? Head to Instagram for his latest goings on.

Image credit: Nick Offord

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