Interview with MIKE WALSH

With so many artists Record Weekly interviews these days hailing from Scotland, it’s great to get the inside scoop on what’s happening in the English capital. MIKE WALSH is based in London and serves up a healthy helping of dreamy pop…

Image credit: Mike Walsh


Hi Mike, how’s it going?

Everything’s going well thanks!

How’s life without all the pandemic restrictions, as an artist? Where are you based?

It’s so good. I’ve just started rehearsals again and I’ll be doing shows here in London soon, so I’m very excited about all that. And just the fact that I’m able to see people now is great — it was very much needed for my mental energy.

Absolutely. Did you pick up any hobbies that you might not have ordinarily, outside music?

I didn’t at the time, but I’m actually going to start taking improv acting classes!

Tell us how and when you got into making your tunes.

I have always sung. In school, I was in the choir. I started writing properly five years ago, and it came out in such a melodic way through singing, that I just never stopped.

Which artists have inspired you the most?

The big ones for me right now are LANY, The 1975 and Oscar and the Wolf. You’ll be able to hear elements of those in my music!

Talk us through your latest single.

It’s called ‘FALLING’, which is a critique of the so connected yet disconnected society we live in, and the rapid judgement and non-comprehension of others that a lot of us seem to have.

What’s next in the pipeline?

My next single and fourth song will be out at the beginning of December, which will wrap up my EP ‘everything I wish I said’. I’ll be playing a lot of shows in London around its release.

There are also a lot of video clips and more tracks coming over the next year, so keep your eyes peeled…

Image credit: Mike Walsh

You’ll find MIKE WALSH’s tunes on Spotify, and make sure you’re following his Instagram for all the latest, too.

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