‘Thoughts’ — Twistyd — EP review

Just like that, one of the artists Record Weekly has been promoting a lot lately has an EP out. That’s right, the hard work and immense production skills of Twistyd have finally culminated in an eight-track collection that the solo artist has been eager to release for a while. And ‘Thoughts’ is one hell of an enjoyable musical rollercoaster. 

While the previously dropped singles, ‘Undrwatr’, ‘Flint’ and ‘Waste Away’ came in that order and should already be familiar to you, we’re encouraged here to listen to the EP chronologically, rather than flitting between tracks. It’s been designed to flow, and that it does. 

The atmospheric ‘As We All Go’ opens the EP in the most Linkin Park-esque of ways, which is a nice nod to Twistyd’s influences while staying true to himself and setting out his stall. It then transitions into two of the previous belters, which make even more sense when they follow on from one another. 

While ‘Chip In Your Shoulder’ is fairly short, it has that haunting, pulsating dancefloor rave style to it. The slow beat fades in but then totally takes hold. It’s gentle though, and certainly somewhere that you can detect a smidge of The xx as inspiration. 

Soulful guitar fans will relish the delicate notes of the harmonious ‘Nero’, while the calming ‘Let Go’ has been pitched as a bonus track. It’s another with vocals as well, so it provides another contrasting element of this mixed-influence showcase. 

In a bid to switch things up once more and provide a feel-good bassline, ‘Crystal’ is the closing piece. Its infectious, bop-along beat has ‘club classic’ written all over it. A great way to round everything off? I reckon so.

That’s enough of my chatter — go and stream ‘Thoughts’ in full. 

Image credit: Twistyd

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