‘Habits of a Girl’ — Tex & The Blackcats — Single review

Tex & The Blackcats redefines ‘one-man band’. The solo project is the brainchild of Alloa-based Lewis Michie, a Scottish artist ready and raring to create, sculpt and adapt bodies of work with contributing peers. And here on the latest single, ‘Habits of a Girl’, Alex Twist — who you’ll better know as Twistyd — lends his vocals.

This searing, red-hot record is an alt rock masterpiece of scuzzy riffs and partly-screamed, distorted verses. It’s the second and final drop of the campaign that’s building up to the EP in November.

This brash, bassy beast isn’t just a deft demonstration of instrumental ability, but of songwriting, too, and the credits are shared between Michie and Twist. Their talent in unison has forged a heavy track that’ll go down well with the moshers and grunge-rockers among you.

You can stream ‘Habits of a Girl’s on Spotify now, and an Instagram follow for Tex & The Blackcats wouldn’t go amiss…

Image credit: Tex & The Blackcats

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