Interview with White Novels

After playing their debut show online, alongside the likes of The Snuts, Retro Video Club and Lewis Capaldi, back in the depths of the pandemic, it’s time that White Novels reaped the rewards of gigging in person. They’re certainly going places, making a name for themselves on the Scottish music scene. Let’s say hello…

Image credit: White Novels


Hiya Jack, how are you and the band doing?

Hi! Yeah we’re doing really well. We’re in the studio this week, recording our next two singles after ‘California’, which is exciting!

Ah amazing. How does it feel to be able to play gigs again then, as well as having this studio time?

It’s an unreal feeling. Just seeing people enjoying themselves is incredible. We’ve all played in bands previously and there’s nothing that beats doing a live show with your best mates. 

Talk me through how and when you formed White Novels.

It all started in my bedroom in May 2020. I was unemployed and just wanted to start making music again. In October, we got offered to play Sam’s Night charity fundraiser with The Snuts, Lewis Capaldi, Retro Video Club and many more awesome bands! That’s when it developed into a full band.

After a few line-up changes, we’re now made up of myself on vocals and guitar, Tam on keys, Lewis on bass, Angus on guitar and Chris on drums. 

Which artists have influenced your sound the most?

Del Amitri, Keane, Simple Minds, Depeche Mode. 

How did the pandemic impact on making music?

We actually didn’t get into the studio as a full band until the run up to Sam’s Night. 

Do you get involved in any other projects in or out of music?

Yeah, we still do other things. Chris is in Easy Days, I play in Bubbatrees, and that’s about it just now! No doubt there will be more projects to come.

What’s next on the horizon for White Novels? What can fans get excited about?

Our new single ‘California’ is out on 17th September, then it’s otherwise gigs, including the one supporting Sarpa Salpa in Glasgow on 18th September. We’ve got new music coming in 2022, too, and maybe even an EP…

Image credit: White Novels

In the meantime, you can catch White Novels on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And for their arsenal of dreamy tunes, run along to Spotify now.

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