‘Louder By The Sea’ — POLKER — Single review

Grungy riffs, melodic vocals, a proper indie-meets-alt-rock vibe — the new single from POLKER is a winner. ‘Louder By The Sea’ is the Merseyside outfit’s latest stab at piercing further into the realms of the north-west music scene and it’s an accomplished track indeed.

The main takeaway here for me is that it’s a bit of a genre-bending piece. It’s as though Soundgarden supplied the instruments and Fleet Foxes took the helm vocally. This song has a palatable playability that firmly places it on Record Weekly’s new release recommendations for August, too.

Eager to hear more from POLKER? Hurry along to Spotify now, and you can follow all the latest on their Instagram and Facebook while you’re at it.

Image credit: POLKER

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