‘Have You Seen Her’ — Mega Happy — Single review

Bringing you a healthy dollop of catchy indie from the bubbly Leeds music scene, it’s Mega Happy, a duo with a full album up their sleeve for this year. ‘Have You Seen Her’ is just a hint of what’s to come…

I first heard of Mega Happy back in 2019, when their name was splashed all over posters for a gig alongside Wuzi and my pals Fudge. at Hyde Park Book Club. And to get everyone’s ears geared up for what they’ll be putting on our plates later in 2021, they’ve got a slot at the same venue lined up for 7th August. 

This jangly, melodic new single is a sure hit, with the right uptempo riffs and plucked strings to make it a proper indie summer tune, while strong, clear vocals project it that bit further forward. It certainly wouldn’t go amiss on an album from The Drums or The Vaccines. 

Right up your street? Dash over to Spotify now to play it for yourself. You can even catch physical copies on cassette over on Mönch Records’ Bandcamp. And for all other news, the lads are easy to follow on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, too. 

Image credit: Mönch Records/Mega Happy

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