‘All That You Needed’ — Oh Romance — Single review

There’s a haunting, mystifying sound to Oh Romance’s huge second single, ‘All That You Needed’. And you’ll detect an immense catchiness too, alongside its darkly reflective nature, which makes it a certified must-hear.

The targeted, questioning lyrics navigate the puzzling nature of not being able to figure a person out. It’s not an uncommon theme, but one that’s been pumped into a track here that’s otherwise all pacy drum beats, soft vocals and electronics. There’s even a scorching guitar solo that supplies a further edge. 

While Oh Romance are just getting going, they’re rapidly putting their name out there and now have a string of gigs on their 2021 agenda. Check out their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages for more details, and you can spin the absolutely ace ‘All That You Needed’ on Spotify now.

Image credit: Oh Romance

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