‘Debbie’ — Pandas — Single review

The explosive new single from Glasgow’s rock/soul band, Pandas, is set to catapult them into the limelight and onto the playlists of fans of Inhaler and The K’s. ‘Debbie’ is a playful jam boasting a rowdiness to its rock riffs, but its punchy, upbeat hooks tip the scales into indie too. It’s a belter.

Image credit: Pandas via Classy Lassy

If you’re on the lookout for a band that know how to construct play-it-loud, raucous anthems, call off the search. There’s a distinct link between the backstory of each song and its output, which gives the outfit its yin-yang style. And they have all the connections, too, not least as they’re releasing the song via Classy Lassy. This new bop was laid down at Glasgow’s Eggman Studios as well, which is run by Shambolics, who the lads are set to support on tour this autumn. 

The initial gently strummed strings of the track — penned by lead singer, Ellis Hurley — filter into one massive tune, which happens to have something sort of Miles Kane-esque about it. Raw vocals about the relationship between a man and his moped (surely that alone is enough to grip you?), steady drums and token licks and guitar solos add to the sheer cheerfulness of this riotous record. 

Head to Spotify now to hear ‘Debbie’ for yourself. Make sure you’re following Pandas on their socials, too — they’re waiting over on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Image credit: Pandas via Classy Lassy

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