‘Glitter Years’ — Darlings — EP review

Fans of The Vaccines — no, not those vaccines — and similar outfits will be chuffed that Leeds-based Darlings are back with their brand-new EP, ‘Glitter Years’. It very swiftly follows on from their recent single, ‘The Devil’, the opening track here, and it shows they’re not messing around.

The second song of the four we’re gifted is ‘Sullen Light’, a vibey indie piece that takes its time to fade into steadily thumping verses and choruses. But it’s ‘Performance Flawed’ that oozes the DIY synth effects that the band are so pleased to present — after all, they recorded, produced and mixed it all themselves. It’s got a party anthem feel to it, too. 

But bringing proceedings to a close is ‘Hourglass’, a guitar-led number that’s benefitted from the homemade effects pedals, muffled microphones and cheap keyboards that the lads have poured into the full offering. 

It’s a fun EP that’ll be absolutely storming live, so catch them doing This Feeling in Leeds on 9th August. Or if Nottingham’s nearer, Rough Trade is calling on 2nd October. Until then, the EP’s now available to stream on Spotify

Image credit: Darlings

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