Artist spotlight: Def Leppard

There’ll always be those massive ‘70s rock bands that get a bit of airtime on a classic throwback compilation. You’ll hear one of their tracks and exclaim, “Tune!”, and that’ll be it — you’ll relish the three-plus minutes and the moment will pass. But Def Leppard are an outfit from that era that I actively listen to, and they put a solid case forward for me being born in the wrong decade. 

While I did get to see them in their hometown of Sheffield with Whitesnake and special guests Black Stone Cherry, back in 2008, bopping my head around at one of their just-starting-out gigs would’ve been another level. 

In any case, it’s 2021 and Def Leppard are still epic in my eyes — and my ears couldn’t agree more. I’ve selected a few top tracks below from Joe Elliott and co, but their back catalogue extends far beyond the realms of ‘Hysteria’, ‘Photograph’ and ‘Animal’. There’s a euphoric catchiness to ‘Run Riot’, while the energy of ‘Go’ evidences that they weren’t just great in their heyday. 

You’ve also got the wholesome comfort blanket feel of the acoustic ‘Two Steps Behind’. And if you’re weak for covers, they add shredded riffs to ‘Waterloo Sunset’, my favourite song from The Kinks. 

If you’re somehow unfamiliar with Def Leppard, something’s gone awry, but you can rectify it. Get streaming now and thank me later. 

Top tracks

Here’s an amuse-bouche to get you acquainted, though they have SO MANY MORE HITS:

► ‘Hysteria’


► ‘Promises’

► ‘Animal’ 

► ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ 

Don’t knock a best of…

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