‘life’s a beach’ — easy life — Album review

Life’s scrappy, misshapen tapestry is the focus of the debut record from easy life. This alt-R&B outfit is all about summer vibes, uptempo hooks and just the right amount of spoken-word UK rap for me to stomach. It’s original and innovative stuff, with the right recipe to grab modern-day audiences and keep them listening. The Leicester-based five-piece really have it all figured out, and that’s deftly demonstrated here.

The ultra-catchy grooves of ‘skeletons’ originally put this album on my radar — I knew that, if this style was their blueprint, other offerings would surely be surefire winners. And I wasn’t wrong. You’ll find the same kind of dreamy, swaying bops in ‘have a great day’, ‘daydreams’ and ‘lifeboat’ — the latter is very Glass Animals-esque as well.

If slow and wistful is more your bag, you’ll be pleased to learn ‘ocean view’ scores a tick in that box. Further into the album, quirky, distorted melodies and funky synths are wedged into ‘nightmares’, which is definitely another standout pick. The next track, ‘homesickness’, is a clap-along-to harmony that also begs a play or two. 

Although there aren’t any fillers per se on ‘life’s a beach’, I still have my favourites. So I’d stress that you shouldn’t pass up all the fun and jazziness of ‘music to walk home to’, which wraps the album up. If DJs don’t get this spinning, volume right up, in a rooftop bar immediately, that’s just a missed opportunity in my book. Good vibes all round. 

If you only download one track, let it be: ‘skeletons’ 

Original image via Spotify

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