Kyza x The Goldborns release ‘P.T.S.D’ for Mental Health Awareness Week

Combining the immense talents of the incredible west London rapper, Kyza, and Ladbroke Grove’s formidable outfit, The Goldborns, ‘P.T.S.D’ is a rap track with rock influences that honours Mental Health Awareness Week. 

Image credit: Kyza, The Goldborns

This bold new single comes from the upcoming EP that smartly stands for ‘People Tryna Succeed Daily’, which, title-wise, shines a light on the strife so many face and why help with mental health is needed. It’s paramount that people can talk about hardships and struggles they’re dealing with, if they want to, regardless of their situation or background. That’s what these artists are aiming to so vocally open up about. Coping with the pandemic has also really taken its toll, understandably. And, as a problem shared is a problem halved, it’s worth reaching out for a hand or chat with someone around you. But these lyrics are designed to provide comfort in knowing you’re not alone.

The journey of emotional vulnerability is played out through spoken word/rapped lyrics, a steady beat, electronics and a ska-meets-rock style. Kyza delivers the carefully crafted words while The Goldborns instrumentally set the pace. What a unity! 

Look out for more details about both artists’ upcoming releases and, in the meantime, give this poignant, important new song a listen on Spotify. Instagram’s the place to be to follow both Kyza and The Goldborns.

Image credit: Kyza, The Goldborns

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