Inside the mind of… Apollo Junction

By now, you should be well versed in all things Apollo Junction, after the interviews and reviews we’ve posted on Record Weekly. But if you aren’t yet acquainted with the Leeds-based Britpoppers, have a read of what’s inside their minds…

If you could’ve been in one iconic band — past or present — which would it have been?

We discuss this pretty often actually and it changes a lot. But, right now we’ve decided:

Jamie: Pulp
Matt: The Beatles
Jonny: Queen
Ben: Dire Straits
Sam: Oasis

Is there anything you’ve picked up or started doing during the lockdowns that you didn’t pre-pandemic? And would you want to keep it up post-pandemic?

Oh, all sorts. But we’ve just written a ridiculous amount of songs really, and recorded a whole second album. We’ll be straight into our third when this one comes out, too!

You’re about to be in a desert island situation and can only take three albums with you — which are they?

That’s a ridiculously hard question… but today it would be…

‘Achtung Baby’ — U2
‘Abbey Road’ — The Beatles
‘Different Class’ — Pulp

But it might be different tomorrow!

Of all the major venues you could play, which one is the dream?

All of them. The dream is to play every single one.

If you had to trade in music for sport, which would it be and why?

Matt: Cricket. He’s rubbish at anything else but can’t beat a bit of cricket.
Jamie and Ben: Football. They’re big LUFC fans.
Jonny: Wrestling. He’s really into it and has even chosen a name. He only reveals it after a few drinks, though, so you’ll have to ask him at the bar…
Sam: Rollerblading. Honestly? We’ve no idea why, but he just likes it.

Image credit: Apollo Junction

Want to know more? The best place to find the Apollo Junction lads is over on their socials, so head to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter now.

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