‘Forever Isn’t Long Enough’ — Alfie Templeman — Mini-album review

It’s hard to grasp that Alfie Templeman is only 18. A refined, cultivated sound with unwaveringly catchy melodies and hypnotic vocals, all when he hasn’t been on the scene for that long? Sensational. Templeman is beyond gifted, and it just turns out he has youth on his side, too. His debut mini-album, ‘Forever Isn’t Long Enough’ deserves more than a round — or five! — of applause. 

Make no mistake, this is top drawer indie-pop-rock. A hybrid. Templeman’s got an ear for unabating rhythms, but he’s also newly been featured on Fender’s acclaimed ‘Next’ programme for 2021. So, he’s all about the guitars, too. Not scrimping on instrumental quality? Check — that’s another tick in the box.

While the album opens with ‘Shady’, a fun, bass-led tune, it isn’t quite as sparkly as some of his others. But you’re eased into what’s to come. This one’s more along the experimental indie-rock route than his in-your-face pop material.

The album-titled track, ‘Forever Isn’t Long Enough’, is as funky they get. It came out some time ago as a single and it’s continuously delighted since. Then there’s ‘Hideaway’, which possess a sort of electronic, Metronomy vibe, and you’ll be as bowled over as me by the ‘80s-style synths and percussion on ‘Film Scene Daydream’. Ooft, this is a full-throttle throwback hit!

For a tropical-esque tune — which I wasn’t anticipating — make a beeline for ‘To You’. Down to its seamless cocktail of groovy bass, jangly guitar strums and silky vocals, ‘Wait, I Lied’ is the sort of joyful jam you’ll be bopping along to in milliseconds. 

If you only download one track, let it be: ‘Wait, I Lied’

Original image/screenshot via Spotify

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