‘Once Again’ — JwBlake — Single review

Making music should be fun, and one artist is having bags of it. JwBlake, a University of York fresher, is juggling producing his own tunes with studying, and it’s paying off. His latest single, ‘Once Again’, is testament to that… 

This new track is particularly jazzy, with JwBlake’s DIY bass guitar and smooth sax skills stealing the show. His spoken-word vocals have that humble, raw UK rap quality that doesn’t dip into the grime sphere or anything similar. And that’s a good thing, because the styles are well balanced here. This is very much a laid-back, chilled-out indie piece that’s funky in all the right places, underpinned by tight melodies. 

Although JwBlake claimed himself that this isn’t his “most provoking piece of work”, he’s well aware that it “sure is fun” — and that’s just the essence of it. It’s an easy listen and there’ll never be anything wrong with that.

So, go on, give this groovy single a spin on Spotify now and make sure you’re following JwBlake on Instagram to see what he’s got lined up next.

Image credit: JwBlake

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