‘Movin’ up’ — Graham Hanlon & The Solid Bond — Single review 

Combining indie-pop, mellow rock and northern soul, Graham Hanlon & The Solid Bond’s offerings epitomise joyfulness. Their latest track, ‘Movin’ up’, is a soulful slice of songwriting that’s guaranteed to lift any mood — just what we all need now and again. 

Image credit: Graham Hanlon & The Solid Bond

The beat alone will have you tapping your feet away. Hanlon’s honed his skills as a musician over the years and it’s particularly noticeable here in this jazzy, shake-your-body-to-it tune. And with some of his influences including the legendary Marvin Gaye and massive Paul Weller, it isn’t a shock that this new single is seamlessly refined and polished. But it’s also thanks to The Solid Bond that it’s got this funky, old-school vibe to it, too, which will have you reaching to replay it continuously. Plus, with a soft, token guitar solo thrown in, it’s got all the core tools instrumentally, on top of stellar lead and backing vocals.

Graham Hanlon & The Solid Band are ready and raring to get out on the road in 2021, so be prepared to catch them at a groove-packed gig when you can.

Image credit: Graham Hanlon

Head to Spotify to listen now and give them a follow on Instagram and Twitter.

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