‘i don’t even mind’ — easy days — Single review

Glaswegian bands are emerging left, right and centre. While also seizing the sticks for White Novels, Chris Roarty provides the drums for easy days, a decidedly poppier outfit that’s now back with their third single…

‘i don’t even mind’ is the latest offering from the five-piece, following their sold-out Broadcast show in September. And they aren’t just about dropping fresh new tunes — they’re also starting to grab more regular listings on the giggling circuit, with a show supporting Cassia at SWG3 scheduled for 27th October.

This recent release is a light pop bop with melodic yet nostalgic ‘80s-tinged synths. Their influences include Blossoms, DMA’s and The Cure, which are certainly noticeable here. There’s a cute and transparent realness to the lyrics, which basically explore the notions of being utterly taken with someone you’re dating. The vocally-instilled sweetness comes through in the track’s uptempo instrumentals, too.

If you’re eager to hear more from easy days, they aren’t sitting around — I’d anticipate plenty more from them soon. Until then, get following them on Instagram and Facebook. And ‘i don’t even mind’ is available to stream on all platforms now, including Spotify.

Image credit: Craig Shewry

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