‘Cinnamon’ — FezzBeats x Yungpunkstar x Berta Kennedy — Single review

The triadic collaboration between FezzBeats, Yungpunkstar and Berta Kennedy has culminated in the addictive ‘Cinnamon’. Given that it showcases what these individual talents equally bring to the table, it’s easy to slip into a pattern whereby you have this hypnotic, dreamy pop single on loop. 

If you recently read Record Weekly’s second interview with Bubbatrees, you’ll know a teeny bit about Yungpunkstar. It’s the side project of frontman, Andy, who ditches the band’s usual ‘80s influences for modern-era electronic beats, synths and autotune. And it’s the production of said instrumentals provided by Glasgow’s FezzBeats that lift the vocals to another dimension. While this dynamism is something you might’ve heard from the pair before, there’s another ingredient at play entirely on this latest track… 

Berta Kennedy’s soft, angelic tones are bold and bewitching. The Edinburgh-based singer’s misty pop hooks pepper ‘Cinnamon’ with the classic female harmonies you’d expect from a traditional duet. As a result, this speculative single has a soothing beat with ethereal overlaid sounds that are complemented by both Yungpunkstar’s and Kennedy’s vocal qualities. 

It’s a ruminative song that’s incredibly well suited to the sort of darker, more alternative pop we’ve become accustomed to hearing. Warning: once you give this a spin, you’ll be replaying and replaying again. 

Image rights: FezzBeats, Yungpunkstar, Berta Kennedy

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