Inside the mind of… Brandon Rivers

With an ever-growing following, a recent OK! Magazine interview and a birthday on the horizon, we caught up again with our childhood friend and one of our favourite rising stars, Brandon Rivers.

Image credit: Brandon Rivers

Some diehard fans may remember you having the ‘Daisy Chains’ monicker. When and why did you decide on ‘Brandon Rivers’ instead?

Wow, now this definitely takes me back! I guess, just before I moved up to London in 2016, I was squatting (that’s right) at my friend’s uni house on Wilton Avenue in Southampton that summer. I was writing tunes, partying excessively and just looking for inspiration. My ‘said’ band had just broken up and I knew I needed to go at it alone if I wanted any success, so it just made sense using my real first name. The reason I chose ‘Rivers’ is something very deep and personal to me that I like to keep private, which I think it adds to the mystique?

What are your favourite places to go in the New Forest?

I’d definitely say Lymington is where I spend most of my life. I love hanging out in Hythe occasionally, too, as it’s peaceful and I don’t know as many people. But Lymington is definitely where my heart is.

I probably wouldn’t recommend the forest for nightlife, as it’s pretty dead and most of us have spent our entire lives trying to escape it. But there are some cool bars along the high streets for sure!

If you had to relocate to anywhere in the world — but it had to be somewhere overseas — where would it be?

LA, baby! Would move there in a flash!

Which venue — either closed or still going — would you like to play the most?

Definitely CBGB in New York! So iconic. But in terms of current places, I’d say Madison Square Garden — it’s incredible.

With your birthday coming up later this month, are you planning anything? Or are you thinking of treating us fans to any new music?

24! Can’t believe I’ve survived this long, haha! Think I’m gonna aim for an early October release for my next single, though not sure which track it will be yet. One is very sensual and smooth, and the other will probably get me cancelled. I guess we’ll see what fits at the time…

Image credit: Brandon Rivers

All that’s left to do now is eagerly await that next single in October! Head to Facebook for more Brandon Rivers info and glue your ears to his Spotify page.

Image credit: Brandon Rivers

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