Interview with Fangs Out

Looking for a dose of hardcore punk? With a name that bares their teeth for them, Fangs Out are a band you need to hear right now. We caught up with Mikey for the lowdown on lockdown, cancelled gigs and what’s next in their game plan.


Image credit: Fangs Out

Hiya guys, how are you doing?

Heyyyy! We’re good thank you! Well, as good as we can be at the moment, but all safe and well. We hope you’re the same!

I’m grand thank you. How has 2021 been treating you so far?

Well, it’s been interesting! Being in lockdown for so long has sucked, so I think we’ve all been trying to keep ourselves busy in any way we can. Bo recently became a father, so that’s kept him very busy and sleep deprived. Alex is in the middle of a house renovation while collecting fancy craft beer. Meanwhile, Ben is constantly buying guitar gear and watching Married at First Sight Australia and I’ve been recording demos and looking after a pregnant wife!

Pretty busy all round then! Tell us about how you formed Fangs Out.

Bo and Al were jamming in a band that had lost a couple of members. I (Mikey) had moved to Walsall and met Bo through a mutual friend on a night out, and he mentioned that he was looking for a guitarist/singer to join him and Alex. This was handy, as I was looking for a bassist and drummer! So, the three of us got together and wrote our EP ‘Curse Words’, then went into the studio to record.

As much as I love writing and recording guitar, I can’t multitask live, so we were on the hunt for a guitarist to take over those duties so I could focus on singing. At the end of the recording, our producer, Owen (of Loud Noises Productions — check him out), mentioned he knew a dude who was looking for a band to play guitar in and that dude was Ben. Then Fangs Out was created.

Describe your music in three words.

Gnarly party tunes.

Which bands have been most influential on your sound?

I think we draw our influences from all over the place but, as a band, we all mutually enjoy Every Time I Die, Gallows, Cancer Bats, The Bronx, etc. All no-nonsense bands that make you wanna have a good time when you see or hear them.

The pandemic has taken a huge toll on the music industry. What did you have in store for 2020 that you had to postpone or cancel?

It is a very worrying and sad time. We had a bit of bad timing and unfortunately dropped our first single and EP as a band during the first lockdown in the UK, so we’ve not actually been able to get our there to promote it on the gigging circuit. We did actually also have a rad first show booked with some awesome bands from the Midlands, which was cancelled.

It’s such a difficult time! Have you got into any random hobbies during these lockdowns?

Haha, nothing of interest really but, during the first lockdown last year, I did make drinking and eating way too much of a hobby… My waistline was furious with me! You’ll be happy to hear we’re on better terms now.

Haha, very glad that’s the case. What’s next on the horizon for Fangs Out?

So, at the end of 2020, we did manage to get into the studio to record our second EP, which is pretty much finished. We’re currently working remotely with our producer to get the last little bits done and then it’ll go for mixing and mastering. So, we’re hoping we’ll be able to get the first single from that out in the next few months and then the rest of the EP at some point after.

Gig-wise, we will be keeping an eye on how things unfold throughout the coming months, but the minute we can get out there, we will. Keep an eye on our socials and all that jazz for any news!

Image credit: Fangs Out

Not sure where to find their socials? No problem, we’re handy and have the links at the ready. You can stay up to date with all the EP and gig details and band antics on their Instagram and Facebook. Feast your ears to their back catalogue over on Spotify.

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