Interview with The Silver Lines

Although the easing of lockdown is continuing throughout most of the UK and some hint of normality is beginning to resume, we’re still eager to chat to bands and artists about their experiences in the music industry recently. The latest of the lot? The Silver Lines.

Image credit throughout: The Silver Lines


Hi guys, how are you doing? 

Hey! We’re all doing well in these weird times.

Let’s get acquainted — how did you meet and form, and where?

The band was formed by brothers Dan (vocals) and Joe (guitar) with a revolving cast of members, then, after a play on the Radio 1 BBC Introducing show, we decided to take it seriously. We then met Kindo (drums) and Joe C (bass), and the band has been going from strength to strength, building a following and selling-out gigs.

Thinking about the trademark sound you’ve forged, which artists and bands have been your biggest influences?

The Rolling Stones are the massive influence that comes to mind; we like the way they have a punk-style delivery, but still write songs in the traditional way. That’s something we feel that has been lost as punk music has evolved over the decades.

What have been your most noteworthy accolades to date?  

Selling gigs out and national radio plays for sure, but the biggest was playing our first festival abroad in New York city: The New Colossus, with the likes of Tim Burgess (The Charlatans) and some upcoming bands such as The Orielles. Also, our fans actually singing songs back to us at gigs is an unbelievable feeling in itself.

Now, this pandemic has really put a few spanners in the works. Have you had to postpone or cancel any gigs? 

Yeah, we’ve had to cancel a fair few, including some festival appearances, which is unfortunate. But it has allowed us to regroup and focus on the social media side a lot more. We were due to play a 300-capacity venue followed by a 500-cap space, but it’s all a bit up in the air at the moment.

That’s such a shame, but you’re bound to get these events booked again again! Tell us all about your upcoming new single, ‘Breathe’. 

It’s bigger, darker and a lot heavier than our previous releases. It’s got a very intense introduction and it explores the side of the band that you will only ever hear live.

It’s an epic track. And while we’re on the subject of releases, can you tease any other new material? How about gigs and festivals? 

We’ve got three releases lined up, including ‘Breathe’, then an EP at the end of the year. The next one is called ‘Skin’, which should be out late September. It’s an aggressive, fast-paced song, driven by a solid riff. We’ve got some day festivals around Birmingham that’ll hopefully still go ahead this December, along with a gig at The Castle & Falcon in the same city, which should be our biggest headline ever. Here’s hoping they’ll still be on the cards!

Get familiar with the mighty tunes The Silver Lines have under their belt on Spotify. You can also be a good sport and follow their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

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