Vant, The Key Club

The first gig of 2020 didn’t disappoint. Although I got a ticket for Vant back last year and was all ready to see them in October, their tour was rescheduled, so it moved to January.

It was the kind of Friday that didn’t suit a gig — I didn’t have the energy after working away for a couple of days previously, and I was flagging by the time Vant took to the stage at 9pm. Nevertheless, I ended up getting into it and the whole set was insane.

Opening fiercely with ‘THE ANSWER’, Vant then guided their captive crowd through ‘DO YOU KNOW ME?’ before the old favourites. ‘Thank Lucifer’ was the first song of theirs I ever heard, so I was pleased that made the set  list — along with the angsty ‘Propaganda Machine’ and swoon-worthy ‘Exoskeleton’.

‘Best Friends’, ‘Atlas Falling’ and ‘PARKING LOT’ also whipped everyone into a frenzy, rightly.

So, all in all, despite me keeping this short and sweet, it was a real treat to finally see Vant play… even if it was in the sweaty Key Club.


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