Coasts – Coasts

Bristol derivatives, Coasts, finally released their debut last week. Their pounding indie anthems have certainly been favoured by TV adverts and the discerning youth, but they do have an unfortunate element of predictability. The is The 1975 with more electricity surging through its veins, and Bastille on steroids, which I suppose adds a punch, but some of this ten-tracker is simply sickly sweet.

Starting with ‘Oceans’, the hugely played melody that E4 alone must have relentlessly rinsed, the record begins with some shoegazy bliss. However, I find that piece just a bit bland now; especially when directly followed by the feisty ‘Wolves’. The slightly scuzzy quality of the opening riff adds an edge otherwise discounted in the first track, with the verses and chorus laid atop a brash foundation of thudding drums. This is one of those offerings that’s as easy to listen to as it is semi-angsty, which I think is vital for a band relying on indie-pop hooks and a bit of charisma.

The chief hit on this remains ‘You’. It is welcoming and cute throughout, but has hopeful vibes that pepper this album with another plus point. At this stage, it’s textbook lashings of denim-jacket indie. But, there are softer pieces, such as ‘Lions’. The racing hooks are cast aside in favour of a gentle beat and humble vocals, making for a more polite, OneRepublic-esque number.

Raising the tempo back to their usual scatting, off kilter drums and beachy riffs, ‘Stay’ is a wildly enchanting song, very trademark Coasts in its delivery. ‘A Rush of Blood’ is another with unparalleled sharpness, and an air of familiarity, which transcends across ‘Your Soul’ also. This album screams spring/summer and is embellished with pretty tracks, but is perhaps just a tad late to the party in the current climate of newer, fresher indie hailing back to older grungier themes.

If you only download one track, let it be: ‘You’ 


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