Honorary mentions – Initial January comebacks 

Craig David is everywhere right now; never before has a Southamptoner been so omnipresent. In his heyday, this guy was pioneering cheeky R’n’B tunes, but might have been perceived a bit cheesy by many. But, that was just the era; with some refining, assistance and much needed rest, Craig David has teamed up with the phonetically appropriate Big Narstie to evidence that he’s ready to make it, once again. ‘When the Bassline Drops’ is electronic, energetic and emphatic, which is ideal in the current musical climate. Why not showcase what Soton has to offer, but in a much bolder fashion? Craig David is making his return, and I’m all for it.

Just when I was thinking that sharp, zany indie was on the decline, Yeasayer decide it’s the right moment to burst back onto the scene. Their offerings have been typically eccentric, wild and charismatic, and the somewhat lengthy ‘I Am Chemistry’ adheres to the same template, thankfully. The beat is steady, yet fast, punchy, yet cool; the sound effects ooze underwater vibes, which is not uncommon for the outfit, but the fading out includes some harmonised female vocals before winding down into thrashing and tinkling melodies. I couldn’t have asked for more of a belter.

Incorporating a decent pace with intertwining drums and jingling instruments, this isn’t such a brazen number for Chairlift. Instead of being a bossy, endearingly arrogant track (‘Ch-Ching’ nailed this brief), ‘Crying in Public’ is classic Chairlift, with a peppering of Imogen Heap, and a spoonful of Kate Bush for good measure. This quaint little melody is sweet and sugary, but the raw emotion is really well projected through the illustrious notes. Catchy, cute, cracking. I’m excited to welcome them back.

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