‘Break You’ — Wolforna — Single review

In just under four minutes, Wolforna have secured their spot as not only a rock outfit to be reckoned with, but one that’s about to pierce into that evolving modern punk scene, too…

‘Break You’ is their punchiest, grittiest track to date, underpinned by the theme of relationship toxicity but glossed with an overwhelming varnish of play-me-again catchiness. 

No matter what the style of song they’re going for, these rockers are held together by an unwaveringly strong rhythm section. And that was pushed to its heaviest back in November, when the band released the punishing, thudding ‘Reset’. But now, with energetic yet hypnotic riffs, and impressive vocals that fiercely combine coarse yet smooth qualities, this absolute banger could well be their most dominant yet. In turn, signalling an exciting change in sound direction for 2023. 

If you’ve rated what you’ve heard from Wolforna before, buckle up and get ready for something even bigger. The boys’ material somehow new to your ears? Rectify that immediately.

‘Break You’ is out now and begging to be spun on repeat. Thank me for the tip later. 

Artwork credit: Nathan Towers

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