‘The Right Track’ — Spielmann — Single review

Boasting one of those titles that clearly signposts you’re listening to the tune in question, ‘The Right Track’ is the lush, mellow first single of 2023 from Leeds songwriter Ben Lewis’ Spielmann project. It’s an alternative twist on modern pop, and harnesses influences from his time spent and involvement with other outfits such as Ruthie, Menace Beach and Bruising. And after opening for Yard Act on their sold-out Leeds show towards the end of last year, you can imagine the forecast is bright for the artist. 

In spite of its generally chilled demeanour, there’s a big chorus in the mix, and it’s one that’ll have you bopping along. It really does hit the brief as a track for pop fans who can’t quite admit that’s their genre of choice. 

Eager to give it a spin? Head over to Spotify now, and enjoy. 

Image courtesy of Hanglands

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