Inside the mind of… The Howlers

Remember the time we interviewed The Howlers? Want to learn more? Keep reading…

Image credit: Hattie Neate

You’ve just released your first ever live EP (on 7th December) — what inspired you to put that together? 

We always wanted to put together a live record, something that represents the very essence of what a band should be. It’s easy to pad out a record in the studio but far too many bands fall short on stage, so we wanted to show that we can do both; something we have become known for. The idea floated around for a while at various studios but Metropolis is where it all came together. 

You tend to work with Blood Records on your vinyl drops — how did that come about? 

To be honest, I haven’t a clue now. Craig, in our view, is like a mentor to us and he has taken us under his wing into the Blood family. They have a huge roster of names but they’re extremely selective with who they work with, so we’re just eternally grateful. Blood’s whole aim is to see us grow into the band we know we can be. Craig doesn’t do Blood Recs for the money or glory; he does it to put the love back into music. We’re the smallest band on the roster and yet one of a few that have had multiple records out with them, so it’s a real honour and there’s more to come for sure.

Who are your three favourite artists right now? 

We would all disagree here but it’s great to see The Arcs releasing new, albeit long-lost, material. I’ve really got back into Richard Hawley again, and Wunderhorse is just a great new artist really. It’s a bit silly how good the debut record is.

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

Once again, a big rift in the band… Adam is Stones all day long, Tom and Guus are Beatles (even after Guus worked for The Stones once. Long story). But the real question is: Zepp or Sabbath?

Do you have a resolution for 2023?

Bands drop like flies these days, so surviving and thriving seems a good place to start! We just want to continue our journey really.

Artwork via Zeitgeist Agency


With thanks to Shannon at Zeitgeist Agency for organising the interview.

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