‘Self Control’ — Majesty Palm — Single review

As its title denotes, Glasgow’s Majesty Palm can exercise a greatly deft degree of precision when it comes to crafting a pop song. ‘Self Control’ is the fearless fourth single from the duo and it triumphantly punctuates what’s been a successful first year for Cameron and Olivia in this noisy industry.

Having boxed off shows at the iconic King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut (their very first, I should add) and Stereo, their gigging CV reads well thus far, and they’ve garnered all kinds of rightfully deserved support; most notably from BBC Introducing Scotland. Productive time, right? 

And here on this club-ready new banger, we’re gifted get-up-and-dance grooves through modulated guitars and sultry yet slightly distorted vocals. Both of which we’re accustomed to from the pair now, but this tune is properly catchy. It’s simply more evidence that Majesty Palm have nailed the ingredients required for addictive bops that your ears will be glued to. 

So go on, turn up the volume on ‘Self Control’ ASAP. It’s available on all the usual streaming platforms, including Spotify

Artwork: Rosie Sco

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