Interview with lostboy

I very much enjoy lostboy’s tunes generally, but since the release of ‘Overdue’, I’ve been finding myself with their bops on repeat. So I was chuffed to get a Q&A set up. Have a read…

Image credit: Jess Huxham


Hello hello, how are you?

Very well ta, recovering from our Leadmill headliner on Friday!

Aw nice! Congrats on your sensational singles lately — I’ve been absolutely hooked. How have they been received?

Too kind! So glad you like where things are going. It’s been a mad reception across the two singles; it’s very exciting times our end at the moment.

What else have you been up to in 2022?

We’ve had a mad year. Playing Etihad Stadium for Man City was mint, then we’ve been writing loads, and we’re due to make our Paris debut next month (on 7th December 2022). Keeping me on my toes!

Let’s take it back to the beginning — how did everything start for you musically?

It all started at secondary school for me; music was something we turned to, to split up the mundane. Kept us busy in the right ways and meant the lads (Henry and Ethan) and I could spend time together surrounded by music, which we all loved like hell. It was the move up to Sheffield for university that brought Bezza (lead guitar) on board and, here we are; lostboy was born.

Which gig venues have been your favourites so far? And if you could play any three, which would they be?

The Leadmill show last Friday was our best gig to date, hands down — it was mental. If I could play any three, it’d be Scala in London, O2 Academy in Bristol and Manchester’s Albert Hall.

The end of the year is coming around fast, but can you drop any hints about anything else landing before 2023?

We’ll be getting out and playing live for sure, and there’s plenty of new music to be getting our teeth into. We’ll see you there!

Image credit: Jess Huxham

You can bet Record Weekly is snuggly aboard the lostboy train right now, so bring on 2023 indeed! In the meantime, make sure you’re following on Instagram for gig info and all their other latest news.


With thanks to Zeitgeist Agency for arranging the interview.

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