‘Melancholy Junction’ — Liam Dutch — EP review

This witty indie debut EP from Liam Dutch is one that transports me back to the eras of 2006 through 2008, with Arctic Monkeys-inspired additions and clear, electrifying Alex Turner influences. It would be an injustice for me not to add this release in its entirety to my monthly playlist, giving it the attention and enthusiasm that it deserves. 

The EP includes six intoxicating tracks, which are all individual in their own right and perfect for those looking for their fix of indie/alt-rock. Aptly named ‘Melancholy Junction’, the offering does what it says on the tin; captivating the listener with its noughties temptation, while guiding them down a path of melancholy reflection.

It kicks off with ‘What’s Your Problem’, an energetic, hard-hitting indie piece that provides those dance-around-your-bedroom-giving-air-guitar-realness vibes. A welcome introduction to the EP, this track only gives an inkling of what’s to come from the rest of the collection. Slowing it down for the second track, ‘Settle Down’, which was previously dropped as a single, displays the essence of modern dating, with lyrics that are relatable enough to give some form of comfort.

Following the recent trend of focusing in on names in tracks, ‘Felicity’ comes next, with a strong drum and guitar presence, coupled with Jamie T-esque vocals, complemented by charismatic lyricism; “When it’s the sound of things crashing down, I’ll be around when it does, and I hear your voice, do I have a choice? And woah, Felicity”

As we get to the title track, I commend Liam on his varied range of slower songs accompanied by more uptempo bangers. ‘Melancholy Junction’ has smooth yet rough-around-the-edges vocals supported by a habitual drum beat and a soft guitar line that carries you nicely through the metaphoric junction, in the middle of the unique experience that you get when making your way through this EP. 

Chased swiftly up by ‘Trapdoor’, a raw, depicting number that narrates the experience of decision-making weighing heavy on those in their early twenties. Here, we get the addition of some strings, too, which amplify its depth.

‘Coalesce’ is the closer, which I can say is my favourite of the slower tunes on the EP. It’s certainly one for your evening playlist. With deliberate, on-the-nose lyrics, such as “If you’re wasted lost in outer space, then promise that you’ll make it, stand with me”, accompanied throughout by a striking guitar solo, it’s for those wanting to guide their way out of an average existence.

So, here you have a cluster of soundtracks for your daily being. This EP is among my new favourites, and I’m excited to see what else is to come from Liam Dutch. My recommendation? Get spinning this epic indie comp ASAP.

Image courtesy of Wonder PR


Guest review contributed by Lucy Goodfellow

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