Artist spotlight: COUNTERFEIT.

I’m not usually one for following the hype, but when it comes to Stranger Things, I’ll not only willingly be a sheep but I’ll stop what I’m doing to wax lyrical about the franchise at even a sniff of an opportunity. And what so deliciously ties into the fabric of the show is music — not just in terms of the obvious. No, the soundtrack isn’t the only praise-worthy musical link. The masterfully disturbing Vecna of season four fame is played by Jamie Campbell Bower, AKA the former frontman of London angst-rock outfit, COUNTERFEIT., so cue this month’s artist spotlight…

Riotously hell-raising, delectably pacy and thematically introspective and on-point, the now-disbanded group were pioneers of punk. It’s a crying shame that — especially now — they parted ways as a quintet in 2020. Bower, while acting, pursues his own solo project, but the trademark searing riffs, ground-thumping drums and velvety vocals that COUNTERFEIT. were known for still continue to be a mainstay among my music archives. I’d say, even more so lately as well.

Whether you’re lost, confused, angry or downright chilled, COUNTERFEIT. have a tune or five for you. Their only album, ‘Together We Are Stronger’, which harks back to 2017 now, is all killer, no filler. You could say that makes the pill all the more bitter to swallow, as they’ll never chase it up with a second record. But there’s still so, so much to relish from their past output. Enjoy.

Original image via Spotify

Top tracks

Here’s an amuse-bouche to get you acquainted:

► ‘As yet Untitled’

► ‘Close to Your Chest’

► ‘Addiction’

► ‘Getting Over It’

► ‘Romeo’


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