‘Disco’ — Jonny Ash — Single review

Delivering you an injection of dancefloor goodness in their signature indie-rock style, it’s north Wales’ Jonny Ash. That’s right, on their latest offering, ‘Disco’, they pull out all the stops to encase their standard guitar intricacies with some vocals that are even catchier than normal. 

When they’ve done particularly cleverly here is set the BPM of the tune to that of your classic disco beat, so it’s in keeping with what would be spun on the decks. Not only is this a demonstration of great production knowledge, but Jonny Ash’s desire to push the band further into more innovative turf. 

They’ve noted that it’s been a crowd-pleaser at gigs so far, too, which I don’t doubt. It’s one for all the discerning indie heads, but especially if you’re into your Stone Roses, Kasabian and so forth.

You can hop right over to Spotify to savour the fantastic ‘Disco’ now. Make sure you’re following Jonny Ash while you’re at it — their social links are in their artist bio.

Image credit: Jonny Ash

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