‘Living for Two’ — More In Luv — Single review

Tropical vibes, playful electronics, gently strummed guitars, a semi-thrashy chorus? You can tell More In Luv had fun making their new tune, ‘Living for Two’.

This latest track doesn’t step outside their pop-bop comfort zone. But it does ring the changes of a slower, laid-back style, especially when their repertoire typically consists of more jovial summer jams. 

Behind the north-west band’s fresh-faced single here is a hip-hop-inspired beat, while working-class woes and simple, humble values underpin the lyrics, to gloss them with an oh-so-relatable veneer. It’s hardly surprising this outfit’s gaining traction.

The song is absolutely aimed at fans of Larkins, Fickle Friends and The Lottery Winners. So, when you’re ready to spin the sparkly sounds of ‘Living for Two’, load up Spotify and enjoy. Make sure you’re following More In Luv on Instagram and Facebook for all their updates, too.

Image via Petty Music Management

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