‘9/10’ — Fudge. — Single review

For diehard Fudge. fans (you know, the ones who don’t forget the full-stop), there’s an irony to the title of their latest single, ‘9/10’; every single time, the Leeds-based band knock it out of the park.

It’s not enough to say that the alt-rockers just have something about them. They do, but they’re also incredibly talented. Generating riffs as ferocious as that from just one guitarist is incredible, and Otto, the man behind the strings, comfortably puts this band in safe hands and cites groove and hip-hop influences behind the sounds here.

While the four-piece has endured the odd bassist change over the course of their career, Cam’s intimidatingly engaging vocals and Angus’ intensely powerful drums are mainstays. It’s here on ‘9/10’ that we actually get one of the strongest examples of Cam’s raw songwriting ability — this one gleans inspiration from the frontman’s personal experiences with “the sesh”. While Angus has noted how fun it is to play from the drummer’s perspective; “it makes me clench my teeth”. There’s arguably more firepower on this offering than the band has ever laid down before, and it’s a raucous little number sure to cause more than Fudge.’s usual, trademark stir when played live.

Dying to hear the single for yourself? Head over to Spotify now, and get following the lads on Instagram and Facebook if you aren’t already. No regrets. Lots of gigs coming from them soon, too.

Artwork credit: Misc.

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