‘Buddhist Monk’ — KILL!, THE ICON — Single review

It’s not everyday that you receive a message from a protest-punk band that says they’re for fans of Strange Bones. So you sit up and take note when such things come through… 

KILL!, THE ICON are the band in question, founded by Nishant Joshi, who’s here to shine a light on political corruption. This ferocious, finger-pointing track of rumbling drums and electronically-charged riffs tells a tale around an oppressive Vietnamese regime. It’s an intriguing piece that, at its very simplest, packs a punch in the instrumental department — after all, that’s why it’s featured here on Record Weekly

You’ll identify some nods to Tarantino and Fincher films, among other cultural references, while getting a dollop of sounds akin to Death From Above 1979 and Royal Blood. 

So, go on, give it a play now, and follow KILL!, THE ICON on Instagram while you’re at it.

Image via Nishant Joshi

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