Interview with Lexie Carroll

Female pop artists are on the rise. And when they sound like Lexie Carroll, it’s no surprise why. I was pleased to catch up with her and chat all things progress…


Hi Lexie, how are you? Where are you based?

Hi! I’m great thank you — the new single just came out, which is so exciting. I’m just buzzing right now! And I’m based in London.

Nice, nice. Congrats on the new single! What have been your 2021 highlights so far then?

Probably making the EP. It’s been so cool to work with lots of different people and create something I’m really happy with. 

Let’s take it right back to the beginning — when and how did you get into music?

I don’t really know why I started writing, but I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t making up bits and pieces of songs. I think I wrote my first when I was about eight years old, after I began learning guitar. Then I fell in love with it a lot more when I was 12. 

Which artists have been the most influential on your sound?

I was a massive fan of Ed Sheeran growing up, so I think he probably inspired me to start writing and then my pre-/early teen years were completely consumed by my love for Dodie. Her music has definitely influenced me a tonne, and the fact that she began by just uploading videos to YouTube made me feel like it was something I could do, too.

More recently I’ve been really inspired by Phoebe Bridgers, Cavetown and Holly Humberstone. 

How does it feel now that the gig circuit has opened up again?

It’s so exciting! Before lockdown, I hadn’t really began playing live yet. I’d done a couple of open mics and things, but not much. So I feel like I need to make up for a lot of lost time!

We recently put together a little band with one of my friends on bass and one on keys/cajon and that’s been so much fun.

Can you share any imminent news with us?

The next single is coming out mid-January!

Image via Imprint Music

In the interim, you can find out more about London-based Lexie over on Instagram and Spotify now.

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