‘Changes’ — overpass — Single review

Indie fans, this is a public service announcement: you need to stream ‘Changes’, the brand-new track from overpass. Think Inhaler, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys…

The Midlands four-piece come with some stonking credentials, too, after supporting The Snuts and The Lottery Winners. And, to top off their return with this tasty new release, they’re off on their own headline tour this winter, which will see them hitting all sorts of venues. So, look out for them in Leeds on 6th December and Glasgow on the 7th.

If you’re into anthemic, wildly energetic tracks that hit hard for just a few punchy minutes, bring your ears this way. The bold fusion of enthusiastic guitar riffs, angsty vocal qualities and thudding drums on ‘Changes’ is really addictive. And the lyrics drill into notions around questioning things that are happening to you in your day to day.

It totally slaps, so it’ll fit excellently into a playlist of swaggering, guitar-led sounds.

Want to hear more from overpass? Follow them on Spotify and Instagram stat.

Image courtesy of Sonic PR

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