‘Embark On The Wood’ — Everything At Midnight — Single review

Housemates and alt rockers Everything At Midnight met at the University of York, so it’s only right that I introduce them to you — being an alumni student myself, and all…

This fantastic five-piece fly the flag for deftly skilled guitars, thumping drums and angelic, almost marshmallowy female vocals. Everything At Midnight are for fans of YONAKA, Phoebe Bridgers and Nothing But Thieves and, as they also mentioned to me that they enjoyed the swim school write-up in my Live at Leeds review, you can bank on them being akin to the Edinburgh outfit, too.

The band have noted that the acoustic chords came first on this new single, ‘Embark On The Wood’. It dawned that they had connotations of and sound similarities to walking through a forested area, which they then fashioned into a piece alongside quips from Sally Rooney’s ‘Normal People’. It’s an interesting and captivating way to repurpose lines from the book and screen adaptation. The track was recorded at Crooked Room Studios during a hot, sweaty summer’s day, too. You can almost feel that extra fire.

The DIY, keep-going outlook of Everything At Midnight has paid off plentifully, given that they’ve received praise from BBC Introducing. So, it’s a good thing there’s an EP, ‘Still Sleeping’, coming on 17th November. Until then, you can stream ‘Embark On The Wood’ on Spotify and follow the quintet on Instagram now.

Image credit: peggy thunder

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