Interview with kitti

After scooping winning accolades from both the Scottish Music Awards and Scottish Jazz Awards in 2020, kitti continues to be a rising Glaswegian artist to keep tabs on. Her smooth, soulful tones are nothing short of dreamy, so I was chuffed to get a Q&A sorted…


Hey kitti, how’s it going?

Hey! Pretty good thanks.

Now then, not long ago, you played a show at King Tut’s. How was it being back?

It was unbelievable. We sold out just before doors opened and it was some night! Sooo good to be back.

I see you had some festival slots over the summer, too?

Yeah! We played at Latitude Festival down south and it was so much fun. We also did Glasgow Green for the Euros, which was our first proper gig back on the circuit.

Aw fantastic!

So, let’s take things right back to the beginning — when and how did your career in music start?

I grew up in a very musically-oriented family! My auntie is a music teacher, and my mum and dad played guitar and sang with each other in their early twenties, which they kept going throughout my life. I guess I picked up many things from hearing them play together when I was younger.

Around age 14/15, I joined my first band — it was a kind of fusion between funk and punk. From then on, I began to introduce myself to different people and managed to branch out and play for loads of different bands. I’ve created some amazing working relationships and friendships!

What are the top things about being based in Glasgow?

The close-knit community is the number one advantage of being Glasgow based. Everyone knows everyone! It’s so nice to go to a gig and recognise almost every second face you see. It’s having that support network of friends who also play that really makes Glasgow a special place to be a musician.

You’re supporting The Ninth Wave this October, which I’m BUZZING about! Are you getting giddy for that?

I am indeed! This will be one of my first solo shows that I’ve done without having the boys back me up, so it should be a bit different to my usual live shows.

I’m excited about playing in Òran Mór as well, because it’s one of my favourite venues.

It’s going to be seriously special!

While I’ve got you, what else is on your agenda that you can share?

I’m hoping to get back into the recording studio after quite a long break. I’ve been writing loads of new material, so fingers crossed, you’ll be able to hear some new stuff soon!

Image credit: Gavin McCourt

Yet to hear any of kitti’s gorgeous tunes? Head over to Spotify to rectify that now, and hit that ‘Follow’ button on Instagram, too. It’s essential.

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