‘Waste Away’ — Twistyd — Single review

The boom of new music in the wake of the pandemic has been more rapid, intense and exciting than anticipated, and it’s meant that some artists have been especially eager to get their material out there as soon as possible. That’s the case for Alloa’s Twistyd, who’s back again in quick succession with the final single of his pre-EP campaign, ‘Waste Away’.

It’s instantly gentler and softer than the prior two pieces, with a slower tempo and a steady drum beat as the fabric. It was also originally constructed just around a guitar part, which was then built into instrumentals designed for a collaboration that didn’t go ahead. It’s been put to good use here, though. Avoiding daylight, feeling empty and detached, not being at your healthiest — they’re all the themes explored within this new, ultra-reflective song, too.

So, go on — you can now stream ‘Waste Away’ alongside Twistyd’s previous releases on Spotify. And for all the latest EP details and more, head to Instagram. Be ready, because there’s lots coming soon from him!

Image credit: Twistyd

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