Interview with Teitr

In the spirit of continuing to champion the smaller bands, we heard from Teitr, another Scottish band spawned from the pandemic…


Hey guys, how are you?

Ryan: Yeah we’re good thanks, really relieved to finally have our new music out and be sharing it with everyone.

Aw I bet! So, tell me when you formed and what the motivation was.

Ryan: We only formed earlier this year. Originally, it was just me and Adam messing around and wanting to create something that was really different. But it turned out better than we thought it would, so we recruited Lewis to help fill out the sound.

Adam: I think the last 18 months has just made people want to express themselves more. I’ve noticed a lot of good new artists emerge recently.

Oh for sure! A wealth of new talent has come out of the woodwork lately — it’s so exciting. What bands had you been in previously then?

Ryan: For the last six years, I’ve been making weird electronic stuff under the name King Ugly Delight.

Lewis: I have my own band called Tex & The Blackcats, which does a lot more hard rock. But I like being able to dabble into what we do here as Teitr.

Which artists do you all find inspirational?

Ryan: I listen to everything but, for this band, I mainly drew from Nine Inch Nails, Placebo, Manic Street Preachers and The Clash as the main influences.

Adam: DJ Shadow — I try to bring a bit of ‘90s hip-hop into the keys!

What are your main aims for 2021?

Ryan: Getting our new EP out there is the main one at the moment for me.

Adam: Yeah, just getting heard really — and rehearsing like mad!

Talk me through your new EP, ‘/BLUE’, then.

Ryan: So, the new EP is the companion to the self-titled EP we released last month, and features reimagined takes on the tracks found on the original. We try to avoid classing it as ‘remixes’, though, as each track was completely rebuilt from the ground up.

Basically, the band operates as two entities: Teitr Black and Teitr Blue. Black is guitar-driven alt rock and Blue is influenced by synth-pop, house, electro-rock and alt-pop. The idea is, it all joins somewhere in the middle — at least we hope so! Eventually, our live sets will reflect both sides of the band.

Very cool stuff! Do you have any gigs on the horizon?

Ryan: We’re planning gigs for early 2022. We would’ve liked to have been able to set some up sooner but, logistically, it wasn’t possible.

Me and my partner are due a baby this month, so I’ll be preoccupied for a while, and Lewis is preparing for gigs with The Blackcats. Our new drummer’s only just joined the band, so we’re still getting set up with him, too. We’ve definitely got plans for next year, though!

That’s class. Is there anything else you can tease while you’re here?

Adam: Just that it’s hopefully not too long until we can get out and play live!

Image credit: Teitr

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