Interview with Goan Dogs

Goan Dogs are one of my finds of 2021. I’ve been obsessively spinning their debut album, ‘Call Your Mum’, for more than a month now. It’s wholesome, point-to-point accurate and musically delightful throughout, so I was chuffed to snag an interview with the band! Enough from me…


Hey Luke, how’s it going?

Pretty damn good, all things considered!

When and how did you form Goan Dogs?

Well, we’re all friends from way back when. A few years ago, we got together at Dan’s mum’s house and and starting jamming and putting some tunes together. We sounded pretty different when we started. Kinda funny to think back, actually.

Where did the name inspiration come from?

Um, short answer: Goa! I took a trip and liked the dogs there. The rest is history…

Haha that’s ace. Does what it says on the tin.

Which artists have influenced your sound the most?

I wouldn’t say anyone specific. But people usually tell us we sound a bit like Glass Animals, Tame Impala or Grizzly Bear, and they’re all pretty great, so I’ll take it.

What impact has the pandemic had on your music?

Well, it’s caused me to sit in my attic and produce an album. I don’t think it would sound the same if we’d done it in normal times, as we would’ve been touring and otherwise busy and distracted. Every cloud…

Absolutely, it’s been a period of reflection all round, I’d say!

As mentioned, I’ve been absolutely rinsing ‘Call Your Mum’ — what an album! Cannot get enough of it, from start to finish. Talk me through your favourite tracks.

Cheers! That’s nice of you to say.

Haha it’s the truth!

Well, I’m especially keen on the track ‘I Don’t Want to Fight’. I like the way it sounds and it has a nice message I think. I also really enjoy ‘Shut Up’, because it’s pretty unusual and the synths sound cool. ‘Now or Never’ has the funk and ‘Interlude 02’ just has vibe! They’re my faves.

Can you tease any new music, gigs or other news on the horizon?

It’s a-comin’! We’re working on some new stuff right now. Sounding cool AF. And we’re on tour from 12th Oct, starting in Leeds. Check our socials for the other dates and hopefully see y’all there. Peace!

Image credit: Goan Dogs

Want to stay in the loop with all the latest from Goan Dogs? Head over to their Facebook and Instagram pages now, and Spotify houses all their delicious tunes.

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